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Begin practicing cutting-edge medical techniques. Inovo Medical is a multidisciplinary medical clinic that specializes in regenerative medicine. We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of medical advances. As leaders in the field of regenerative medicine, our facilities are equipped with top of the line ultrasound and fluoroscopy systems to safely and accurately treat patients.

Furthermore, our doctors travel year-round to attend conferences and regularly work with the world’s top experts in the field to offer the most efficient and cutting-edge treatments available.

Regenerative medicine is a fantastic field to be part of due to the vast array of conditions it can treat. Our area of practice offers life-changing solutions to patients who have been unable to achieve long-term results from conventional approaches. Whether it be a patient living with a musculoskeletal pathology, a sexual dysfunction, or aesthetic needs, Inovo Medical doctors offer solutions that surpass expectations.

For more information on our procedures or how to start a partnership with us, contact  [email protected] or by calling our office at 613-749-4668.