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Our Prices

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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Breast Rejuvenation
PRP (Vampire Breast Lift) $550 per treatment
Laser Rejuvenation $750 per treatment
Fat Loss & Body Tightening
Hot Sculpting $300
TruSculpt ID Call for pricing
Nightlase $300 per treatment
Three treatments are required.
Laser Hair Removal
Shaving Fee $25
Arms Upper Body Face
Underarms $70 Areola $40 Cheeks $65
Hands and Fingers $55 Full Back $260 Chin $65
Upper Arms $100 Half Back $160 Upper Lip $55
Lower Arms/Hands/Fingers $120 Chest $160 Middle Eyebrow $55
Full Arms $160 Chest and Stomach $260 Full Face $120
Shoulders $80 Sideburns $55
Legs Lower Body
Toes $40 Abdominal Line $50 Buttocks  $120
Feet and Toes $50 Bikini Line $100
Upper Legs $180 Brazilian $180
Lower Legs/Feet/Toes $180 Anus $50
Full Legs $300 Brazilian and Anus $200

Laser Peel
Laser Peel $300
Add Neck Extra $150
Light to deep peels – all recommended 3 treatments, one month apart.
Active Acne
Active Acne $150 per treatment
Recommended 1 per week, for 6 weeks. Total number of treatments varies.
Deep Fractionated
Deep scars (acne scarring) and wrinkles for full face $500 per treatment
For just cheeks and forehead $300 per treatment
Vascular Lesions
Rosacea treatment for full face  $300 per treatment
For small area (chins, cheeks) $150 per treatment
Benign Lesion 
Benign lesion removal $150 per 10 min treatment
Photorejuvenation for pigment, pores, fine lines, and texture $300 per treatment
Piano Skin Tightening
Deeper, wider tightening (more of an overall facelift) $300 per treatment
Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks $500 per treatment
Ask for pricing for smaller areas
Wart Removal $150 per 10 min treatment
Bruising Removal $50 per treated area
Vein Removal $150 for about 10 veins


Incontilase $850 per treatment
Intimalase $850 per treatment
Renovalase $850 per treatment
Prolaplase  $850 per treatment
Labia Rejuvenation

$500 per treatment ($300 if combined with other service)


W-Shot $700 per treatment
G-Shot $120 per treatment


Neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin) $12 per unit
Dermal Fillers
Fillers $550 per syringe
Radiesse (hand or face rejuvenation) $750 per syringe
Belkyra (double chin) $600 per vial (2-3 vial recommended)
Intraoral Tightening
Smooth Liftin (nasolabial folds and lip rejuvenation) $300 per treatment
Lip Rejuvenation
Lip rejuvenation $300 per treatment

Additional Pricing and Promotions

Please call for pricing for your specific situation, or book a consultation today. Consultations are free.

Aesthetic Laser

Buy 1 = regular price
Buy 2 = 15% off
Buy 3 = 25% off
Buy 4 = 30% off
Buy 5 = 35% off
Buy 6 = 40% off
Buy 7 = 45% off
Three or more paid upfront, get additional 15% off  before tax.

Laser Hair Removal

Buy 3 get 15% OFF
Buy 6 get 20% OFF
Can’t be combined with other promotions.

Hair Regeneration

Buy 4 get 15% off

PRP and Redensity I

Buy 3 get 15% off

Ask us about special pricing when purchasing more than one service at a time.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach to cosmetic medicine combines a number of medical procedures, many of which are complementary and work synergistically to optimize results and offer the best possible cosmetic outcome.

We view beauty as more than just an outward appearance. It reflects how you feel inside, and in turn affects your confidence, your self-esteem, and your appreciation of life. It also affects your career opportunities, your relationships, and your personal growth.

At INOVO, we offer exceptional medical aesthetic services to improve your skin, and the contours of your face and body, and we treat a variety of skin conditions.

Discover how Inovo Medical’s science can change your life. Discuss it with your doctor today.


During Your Free Consultation

  • Our cosmetic medical staff will meet with you.
  • We’ll go over your unique situation and your goals.
  • We’ll discuss what to realistically look forward to.
  • We’ll present the various treatment options available.
  • We’ll recommend what we feel meet your needs best.
  • Finally, if you’re ready we’ll book your treatment.

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