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Dr. Mathieu Bélanger

Founder and President

Dr. Bélanger’s passion is in the development and delivery of the most sophisticated and effective treatments in the world today, which is why he named his clinic  “INOVO.” By introducing and improving on the most advanced and innovative treatments, his passion allowed him to offer solutions in medical aesthetics and sexual wellbeing

Dr. Mathieu Bélanger, MD, CCFP, CPSO Recognized Specialist, began his academic career by earning an undergraduate degree in kinesiology (i.e., the science of studying human movement, in particular physical activity and body mechanics) before enrolling in medicine at the University of Montréal. He later expanded his practice to include cosmetics and medical aesthetic procedures.

Malorie Gilbert, RN

Beauty has always been a big part of Malorie’s life. She understands people feel their best when their confident in themselves. Malorie has always had an artistic side with a keen sense for small details. It is no wonder why she decided to delve into the cosmetic side of the medical industry. 

Malorie, R.N., received her undergraduate degree in nursing from Laurentian University in 2017. She then began her nursing career at The Ottawa Hospital where she currently works in Hemodialysis, requiring specialized skills in assessment, anatomy and phlebotomy.

Her interest in nursing stemmed from her love of helping people. Malorie’s medical background gave her an opportunity to change peoples lives. While cosmetics allows Malorie to hone in her artistic skills and attention to detail. Allowing her medical experience to connect with her love of beauty. Making you feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

Malorie leads a busy lifestyle working at the hospital and INOVO Medical. In her free time she enjoys hiking, rollerblading, and snowboarding and prioritizes spending time with family and friends. 

She understands how busy life can be and how important it is to make oneself a priority. Malorie understands how confidence greatly impacts everyday life. She strongly believes in making you feel wonderful on the outside improves self-esteem. Malorie’s passion for aesthetics combined with her kind disposition make her an excellent person to help you achieve your beauty goals!


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