Penile Botox® and "Scrotox"

Botox® can be an effective option in many areas of male sexual health.
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Penile Botox® and Scrotal Rejuvenation in Ottawa

In recent years, doctors have found that Botox can be useful for more than just getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. It can also be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, as well as a method of scrotal rejuvenation. At Inovo, all injections are carried out by a medical doctor.

Botox® For Erectile Dysfunction

Studies have shown that men with ED who received a Botox injection demonstrated improvements in penile blood flow, allowing for stronger, longer, and longer-lasting erections.

Botox works extremely well for men who complain of penile shrinkage. Penises that look small when flaccid is often the result of the internal tissues of the penis retracting back into the pelvic cavity (often when exposed to cold). This is especially true with men with “hyperactive retraction reflex,” causing the penis excessive shrinkage to even complete retraction in some cases.

Penile Botox consists simply of 2 injections into the corpus cavernosa of the penis, helping to paralyze the muscles responsible for the shrinkage reflex and increase the production of new blood vessels.

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“Scrotox” For Scrotal Rejuvenation

While penises retract when exposed to colder temperatures, scrotums can contract, too. Conversely, they tend to relax in warmer climates. Overtime, this frequent contraction-decontraction causes sagging and laxity, making the scrotum look undesirable for some men. Botox helps to reduce wrinkling caused by the expansion and contraction of the muscles.

Some have claimed that “Scrotox” make wrinkles less noticeable, causes the scrotum to sweat less, and makes it look fuller and more filled out. Anecdotal evidence shows that Scrotox can also help make sex more pleasurable.

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